Story of the unclaimed shares of an Air India Captain

A well known doctor from Ahmednagar, Maharashtra had in the early 60’s invested in shares of various companies which were approximately worth rupees 3000-5000 in those days. He had a son who was by profession an Air India Captain. Over the years, after the death of the doctor in 1970, the whole family shifted out of Ahmednagar. Neither was the son nor any of his family members aware about the shares bought by the doctor.

Years later in 2014, members of Asset Tracer India took up the case to find the lost beneficiary (the Air India Captain) with an aim to help him rediscover and reclaim the unclaimed shares. The team began its search from Ahmednagar, where the family initially lived. After grueling search and investigation for a year, the team finally managed to trace the family.

The team learnt about the family from old neighbors in Ahmednagar. They discovered the name of the Air Indian Captain and then with this initial lead proceeded further to enquire about his whereabouts from the Air India office. Visiting the Air India Office, they discovered that the 75 year old retired Captain was now training upcoming pilots in Bangalore and had settled with his family there.

On successfully tracking the family, our team contacted the retired Air Indian Captain to inform him about the unclaimed shares. Our team flew down to Bangalore to discuss the same with him and help him claim back the shares. In the year 2015, the unclaimed shares were worth a whopping 35 crore, which was successfully claimed with the expertise of the team of Asset Tracers India. To the luck of the claimant, the legal procedure to claim shares was completed in about 12 months.

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