Help With Probate & Succession Certificate

Most people leave behind a will; however, there are some who don’t. In legal terms, this means that the person has died intestate. In such instances, a Letter of Administration needs to be granted by the competent court to an administrator.

This certificate is also applicable when

  • There is no executor listed in the will,
  • The executor himself is no more, or
  • The executor is not willing or able to act

The administrator will then be the person responsible for administering the belongings of the deceased according to the succession laws of the land. We can help you secure the letter of administration for this process.

Usually, the amount is distributed equally among what are classified as Class-I heirs, or the deceased’s close relatives.

The children should not be minors. If they are, then their share will be paid by their mother after they turn 18 years of age.

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